Report on the implementation of Article 8 concerning large enterprises and SMEs

Abstract: This report provides an overview of the national implementation of Article 8 across the EU-28, covering the situation for both large enterprises and SMEs. The findings include a thorough review of the implementation in the Member States, the instruments used for addressing both target groups, as well as a description of challenges, recommendations and good practice approaches.

Report on the implementation of national minimum criteria for energy audits, in line with Annex VI of the EED

Abstract: Annex VI of the Energy Efficiency Directive sets out minimum criteria for all energy audits, including those undertaken as part of energy management systems, required or promoted in accordance with Article 8. This document provides practical guidance for Member State authorities responsible for the transposition and implementation of Article 8.

Report on the qualification of energy auditors in all Member States

Abstract: Under Article 8 of the EED, Member States must promote the availability to all final customers of high quality energy audits which are carried out by qualified and/or accredited experts according to qualification criteria. This report reviews the national legislation requirements that have been put in place for energy auditor qualifications across the Member States.

Library of typical energy audit recommendations, costs and savings

Abstract: This report aims to support understanding of the implementation of Article 8 of the EED through the provision of a library of typical energy audit recommendations, costs and savings.